At the core of every growth and sustainability in this technological era, is a digital strategy implemented through an in-depth digital transformation process in order to derive and drive value across business processes, culture, and customer experience.

Kedrus Consulting harnesses a wide range of technological capabilities along with incisive digital structures and processes, to engage a seamless digital transitioning of business processes and culture, in order to unlock new values for stakeholders and customers in the changing business world.

Digital Transformation Services

Cloud Computing

Our cross-functional cloud services drive growth, inspires innovation, agility, scalability, and competitive edge across public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms while compliant in addressing risk and governance  

Internet Of Things

Our diversified ranges of IoT services assist clients in architecting an IoT roadmap to drive business value and intelligence through consulting, development implementation, and analytics of the derived pool of data to support effective business decisions. 

Big Data Analytics

Businesses that would thrive in this digital-driven age needs to employ data for smarter insights and strategic decisions, to engineer stronger outcomes. we adopt big data tools to provide incisive insights into customer behaviors and the market while providing tailored responses and business decisions  


We assist organizations to navigate through intricacies involved in implementing advanced blockchain technology helping them out rightly expel inefficiencies sponsored by lack of trust and transparency across the processes of their business delivery 

Artificial Intelligence

By creating intelligent workflows that utilize AI and data, you can enhance both your employee and customer experiences Our AI services can help you derive business value through the smart reinvention of your workflows and technology.

Cyber Security

With the scale of the cyber threat set to continue to rise, the International Data Corporation predicts that worldwide spending on cyber-security solutions will double. Our team of experts and Partners offers solutions that protect organizations systems, computers, networks, and mobile devices from cyber threats  

Our Partners


We collaboratively work with you to build, develop, and position your brands and organization for maximum profitability and growth using and deploying the right TECHNOLOGIES