Data Analytics

Businesses that would thrive in this digital-driven age needs to employ data for smarter insights and strategic decisions, to engineer stronger outcomes.

Kedrus Consulting engineers integrates, analyzes and visualizes data from client’s line of business sources, past history and real-time data pools in other to make descriptive, predictive, proactive and preventive decisions, that will unlock insights for customer acquisition, product development, new revenue models and overall business growth and sustainability through business intelligence.

We help businesses and organizations become compliant by analyzing their systems and drawing a data transformation roadmap, as well as strategies for integration and implementation of data infrastructures required for data efficiency.

Data Analytics Services

Data Collection
& Ingestion

We assist organizations to develop their own methods and approaches for collecting relevant data while ingesting data served by an external vendor from payment processors, ad platforms, CRMs, CMSs, eCommerce platforms, web and mobile analytics tools, and social media.

Data Cleaning
& Transformation

Data often comes into a pipeline in need of editing, formatting, combining, or rearranging before it can be useful. Our team of experts performs credible Data cleaning and transformation in other to make the data readily useful for the organization.

Data Storage
& Management

Once ingested, data needs to be stored in a place that is accessible for analyses. A sound strategy at this level of the stack is critical. At kedrus consulting, our team of experts assist business and organizations design, develop, and deploy relevant database infrastructures.

Data Access
& Analysis:

Data analytics is at the top of the data pyramid, our experts utilize different approaches at varying levels of complexity, from familiar business intelligence approaches such as dashboards, charts, and machine learning algorithms to sponsor effective business decisions.

Data Migration

As technology advances, there is eventually a need to upgrade, which means migrating data from an old system to the new one. Moving data from the source can be a complex process, however, our experts specialize in assisting organizations successfully migrate their data to the cloud or location of choice.

Database Administration
& Management

At kedrus Consulting our experts ensures maximum uptime for organizations database so that it is always available when needed. This involves complex proactive periodic monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure that the data being captured is reliable, error-free, and available at any time.

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